The Odd Couple

Anyone have any great ideas on how to train for a fast (for me, sub 1:50) half-marathon (July 27th) while training for fall ultra-marathons?

Don't make me choose between the peanut butter and the chocolate!


  1. ha!!! I was just wondering that myself, as I would love to 'race' the June 22 Fairfield 1/2, but that ain't happening as have lost all leg speed.
    Plus, it's hard mentally to switch from running slow and long to shorter and faster. Now, I think you will do just fine running the NYC 1/2 with your ultra training --use a few 10Ks and shorter races to get your leg turnover and breathing going, asnd to get your body use to moving quicker...
    didn't realize you were in the 1/2!

  2. No ideas, but good luck!! :) And it's great you are doing that half- two of my running pals are doing that one as well.


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