Pillow Talk

Well, I did it.

Yesterday, I set my alarm for 5 am, it went off, and I got UP. Yes, friends, it's true. For once, I actually accomplished something I set out to do.

This morning, however, was a different story. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself "Aw shit, girlfriend rolled over and hit the snooze button!".

Well, you'd be wrong - what I did was possibly even worse.

I woke up before my 5 am alarm, rolled over, and reset it. Yeah. I'm that lazy :)

So, I'm putting this out here in cyber-land: I will do a speed workout this evening when I get home.


No excuses.

Unless it's raining.


  1. What happens if you're really hungry when you get home? Temptation Awaits!!!

  2. LOL :) Some gatorade to silence the growls, and the promise of an even tastier dinner post-run!

  3. mmmmm post run dinner. i got lucky and the rain started as i got into my car after my run last night!


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