ABCs of Running

The following is courtesy of Fleet Feet Baltimore

  • Always be prepared for any kind of weather.
  • Before doing a workout, make sure you do a solid warm-up and stretch.
  • Careful when crossing the streets!
  • Don't be surprised if someone beeps at you while on the roads.
  • Eat something for some energy before heading off on a run.
  • Fartleks always make for a stellar workout.
  • Go to the bathroom before you run! Hydrate yourself before and after a run or workout.
  • Include anyone who wants to join in on your running adventures!
  • Just relax and remember why you are out there running.
  • Keep in mind the next race you have coming up, and train that much harder for it.
  • Let the roads just take you where they please, the best runs are not mapped out.
  • Make mental notes of new trails you discovered.
  • Never be discouraged if you had to cut a run short - at least you got out there!
  • Outdoors was made for runners; we don't need confined rectangle fields!
  • Perseverance and determination lead to successful training and races.
  • Quiet? Never! Cheer on all other runners you see running around our streets!
  • Rest is just as important as workouts.
  • Spit when you need to; just make sure you don't hit anyone.
  • Tell anyone not involved in other activities to give running/walking a shot - the more the merrier!
  • Underestimate your opponent? Never. Always give them the benefit of the doubt, and prove to yourself that you can beat them.
  • Victory waits for you at that finish line or the end of a training run, greet it with a smile.
  • Wear a watch, you'll feel naked without it!
  • Xtreme weather is always hitting our area, so wear the proper gear!
  • You never know what you are capable of until you go out and do it.
  • Zig-zag through the trails and roads, they are always open.

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  1. That's Great Staci!! I will share with my running pals tonight. :)

    MWAH to you!


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