Ode to Lisa Frank

I miss my Trapper Keeper.

It's the Tuesday after Labor Day, the start of the new school year. If I were still a kid, by now I'd have acquired binders, oodles of lined looseleaf papers, and a brand new wardrobe. Every year I'd dream that I'd become instantly beautiful and popular like Samantha on "Who's the Boss", the year she went from elementary to junior high (and didn't want to eat Tony's packed lunches). Every year I'd still be the same old me.

I don't think we ever grow out of the desire to start fresh and new, and somehow be better than we were before. Just look at the overwhelming popularity of New Year's Resolutions - the desire to make a change, to commit to improving an aspect of our lives that somehow seems to be lacking. Few people, if any, stick to those resolutions. My personal favorite was the year Mr. Diva and I resolved to have one good steak dinner per month - sadly, we didn't even manage to accomplish that for a full year.

Even now, as an adult (cough, cough) for whom the school year holds no real significance anymore, I still feel as though this year will be different. This year will somehow be better. I'll be stronger, I'll be fitter. I'll run further or faster. I'll lift heavier, be able to do a pull up. I'll be a better housekeeper, a better partner. A better me. I may have grown out of my Trapper Keeper, but I may never grow out of that school calendar!

With all that being said, today is something of a new year for me. After 10 days of virtually no physical activity what so ever, I am back. Back to marathon training (virtually unprepared for NYC, but live and learn) and back to my early morning WODs with my CrossFit AM Monsters-In-Training. And this school year, I plan to be thankful for my what my body allows me to do, and to revel in its power and strength - however much it may have to offer me on that particular day.

Today, my body granted me the strength to do a 90 lb Push Jerk. It would have graced me with a 95lb Push Jerk, but my silly mind got in the way.

It's not perfect, but it's a start. As the weight got heavier I tended to lift my heels more and more. But where would the fun be if I only posted the purdy videos, right?

I hope you all have a great school year - see you 'round the hallways!


  1. After the RTB, you have to come to a class with me....

    There is SO much wrong with that set of Push Jerks, it's isn't even funny...but what would be the fun if I posted the light ones that were purdier?? :)

  2. I'm definitely in for CrossFit post-marathon. My buddy Joe (back in STL) just got level 1 certification too and has been talking it up quite a bit too.

  3. We can hit some free beginner classes pre-marathon, will make for some good cross-training :) We'll discuss in the smelly van next weekend. BTW - how did I wind up with the long-ass leg? I'm the slow poke!

  4. I have zero idea how the legs got worked out but it looks like both you and Meredith get a rude introduction to the race whereas I have 2.9 to start with?!?!?

  5. Seriously! Moderate-Hard? Ah well, if running were supposed to be easy I'd just do it on the treadmill, right?


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