Prepping for the Reach The Beach Relay, Part 2.

  • Work until almost 9 pm Tuesday night.
  • Get home, wait for Mr. Diva to get home with your dinner.
  • Watch bad sci-fi TV while waiting, so as to save Mr. Diva the pain of watching with you.
  • Eat dinner at 10 pm when he arrives home.
  • Do the remainder of your burpees (still 390 behind!).
  • Make another pass around the house searching for Garmins and chargers.
  • Find charger.
  • Look through running drawer for clean outfits.
  • Find none.
  • Look at filled laundry basket with clothing to be put away, so that you can clean running clothing.
  • Debate purchasing all new clothes for the weekend.
  • Make another pass around the house searching for Garmins and chargers.
  • Find charger.
  • Celebrate with dessert.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Wake up with god-awful rash from the atrocious chafing you got during Sunday's run.
  • Take two Benadryl and hope for the best.
  • Catch the bus to NYC, and put an ice pack on the chafing to ease the inflammation.
  • Work out.
  • Attempt to run, give up after .5 mile.
  • Go to Duane Reade, in search of Benadryl cream and/or spray.
  • Purchase Hydrocortisone cream, as there is no Benadryl in stock.
  • Go to work, apply cream.
  • Debate going for an afternoon TM run (Ghostbusters is on TV!).
  • Get kindly reminder from a friend that you're silly, and that you must treat chafing and rash as an injury.
  • Pout.
  • Head to other Duane Reades in search of Benadryl cream and/or spray.
  • Nearly crawl out of your skin while you walk, the itch is so bad.
  • Discover that ALL Duane Reades are OUT OF STOCK.
  • Pout some more.
  • Hit GNC in search of MoJo bars. They don't carry them.
  • Pout (but just a little, and only on the inside).
  • Head to Modell's.
  • Purchase cheap compression shorts to wear under real short during this weekend's relay.
  • Convince yourself that it's OK to break a cardinal rule of racing "Thou shalt not wear/do anything new in a race that thou didst not do in training". First of all, you sure as hell haven't been training, so that's a moot point! Besides, you'll wear the compression shorts you already own for the long leg, and save the new ones for the shorter ones. And this way you won't smell and skeev out your van-mates.
  • Go back to work.
  • Write moderately witty blog post.
Still on the To Do List:
  • Work until 9 pm.
  • Get home at 10.
  • Eat dinner.
  • Finish that bottle of wine while shoving the laundry from the basket into a corner or a drawer (or add it to the ever growing pile in the closet), thus freeing it up for the laundry that is currently in the dryer, making room for the laundry you still have yet to do that needs to be packed tonight, because if you pack tomorrow then you're really in big trouble.
Wish me luck!

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