I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose!

The good news: No more sit-ups (via)

Really now?

Well, I guess we shouldn't have done those back squats on Friday (shameless pat on the back - PR'd with 170 lbs, for 3 reps)/

Or the Tabata push-ups (with straight legs, oh my)!

The suggested replacement exercises mentioned in the article are great, in and of themselves (personally not a fan of a seated shoulder press). And admittedly, no one should attempt any exercise without proper instruction. But to actually come out and say "Don't do sit-ups/shoulder presses/straight leg push-ups/standing dead lifts"? Let's just add to that list and tell people to only walk/run on a treadmill (those roads are dangerous), don't walk up real stairs, just do the stair mill or stair climber, and while we're at it - stick to the shallow end of the pool. Don't want people doing anything potentially hurtful, now do we?

Wonder what that author would think about the ring push ups I've been doing....

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  1. I guess midline stabilization is something we do not need....much like our tonsils. Why on earth would we want to control the weight of anything we bother to pick up anyway? Its just silly.


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