Hide and Seek

Imagine, if you will: It's winter time. Sunset occurs at 4:29 pm. Complete darkness follows not long after. You get home from work, and decide to go for a run. You are a responsible athlete, and as such you don your reflective vest, or a headlamp, or at the very least something light colored.


Then explain to me why I've been set upon TWICE this week by runners dressed in BLACK running along UNLIT suburban streets? They are damned lucky that my lead foot was disengaged at those moments, and that I was able to see them before plowing into their stupid, dark and virtually invisible asses.

Come on, people! As a road runner you're already at a huge disadvantage - you're small and squishy and cars are big, heavy and made out of metal. Make yourself as big as you can when you hit the roads. Light colors, retro reflective materials, LCD lights.

I'm going for a twilight run on Sunday. If you want to find me, just look for the short girl in the fluorescent HiViz yellow vest and all manner of twinkling lights. You'll squint when you see me, and that suits me just fine.

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  1. Staci,
    I couldn’t agree more. My night runs are performed on a 9 mile section with plenty of streetlights. Too many close calls in the past running in the dark. Nevertheless, this is my favorite time to run because everything is soooo calm and peaceful. I wear a reflective vest, which may not be fashionable, but it’s safe.


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