Tuesday's Tip - December 9th

Eggscellent!! (via)

ETA: Looks neat, doesn't it? It also looks a lot easier than it is! I confess to attempting to "peel" my egg using this method just a short while ago. Sadly, I was unsuccessful in accomplishing anything other than looking rather silly.


  1. o.m.g. That's GREAT!! I am so trying that tonight!

    baking soda * heh * who knew ?

  2. Haz, let me know if you had better luck than I did. It looked like I was trying to play some sort of bizarre instrument!

  3. *lawl*

    Nope ... I did manage to make a complete arse of myself infront of the entire household ...to whom I bragged I knew this really cool new trick to ... *head desk*

    For all my efforts I got a lip-full of nasty baking soda egg shell taste. Oh yum, NOT.


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