Food Find, Friday February 27th

About two years or so ago, they opened up a 7-11 in NYC. It's on 42nd Street, across from the Port Authority (north side of the street). I didn't grow up with a 7-11, so aside from the occasional commercials I'd see on TV, all I really knew about them can be summed up in one single word. Slurpee.

My interest was piqued in the summer of 2007 when the 7-11 magically transformed into the Kwicki-Mart from The Simpsons. Sadly, I waited too long to check out the line of Simpsons' Products and never did get to buy myself a Squishee, Krusty-Os and some Buzz Cola.

Fast forward to 2009 (when with that get easier?) - I walk past the 7-11 virtually every day, generally stopping in post-workout for a cup of coffee on my way back to the office. My training partner and I go in, pour some java and always peruse the long shelves of food-in-bar-form, lamenting the ickiness and lack of anything remotely appealing (much less healthful).

As we went to pay for our coffee one day last week, we sauntered towards the counter. We were passing by the refrigerated display of sandwiches, salads, fruit and the ever popular yogurt parfaits when something caught our eye - eggs. EGGS.

Two hard boiled eggs in moulded plastic carton, packages of salt and pepper included.

I heard church bells ring. And then realized that it was noon and we were next to a church. But wait, I digress.

For all you Paleo or Zone folks who don't live in a city inundated with bodegas and delis, head over to the 7-11 and channel your modern hunter/gather. Just don't ask me how many blocks in a Slurpee :)

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