James Did It!

Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead

I just want to throw a little love out there to James Did It!, a design business owned and operated by the talented James Donegan. My brand spankin' new theatrical website is up and running thanks to James' infinite design talent and computer know-how.

But his talents don't begin and end with actors' web design! If you're in need of a logo, business cards, brochures and the various sundries that come with effectively branding your business, James Did It! can handle it all. You'll come away with a solid identity that will work for you and your business.

So click on over to James Did It! and see what he can do for you.


  1. Your website is BE-AU-TI-FUL! (as are you- love the pics!)


  2. Thanks! Your blog is great, btw - so happy to have found another wealth of information!


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