Horton Hears a Who

Who are you?

Yesterday, as I finished the CrossFit main site WOD portion of my training, I was approached by a fellow gym go-er. He commented on the ease with which I was doing my pull-ups, how I was banging them out as though they were nothing. Sheepishly, I admitted that the last few rounds were done with some assistance (1/2 inch Superband). Unfazed, he pointed out that I was still far stronger than most of the men in the gym who can barely eek them out on the Gravitron. I said thank you.

"Are you a body builder?" he asked.

When I said no, he waited for me to elaborate.

"Because you're in pretty (or did he say good?) shape"...and then he waited.

I just smiled and said thank you....I had absolutely no idea how to respond. What am I?

The day before, another gym go-er (very old school incredibly muscled man) asked us if were were Powerlifters (I had been bench pressing, she'd been doing front squats). My training partner responded "No, CrossFitters". He asked if she competed (she does) and then he asked me. Again, I kinda froze....I said that I didn't currently compete, but that I was working towards it.

What exactly am I?

A year ago, I would have answered: "I run". I wasn't fast, I wasn't particularly good at it, but I ran. A lot. But now?

I am a girl who goes to the gym 4-6x a week and does stuff. Something different every day. I lift weights, I play around with rings, try to do handstands, run, jumprope, shovel with a barbell, jump on boxes...you name it, I do it.

The only constant in my training is me.

I'm not a power or olympic lifter. I'm not a body builder. I'm not a gymnast, a runner, a biker or a swimmer.

I am Staci, and I'm training to be the best Staci there is.

Who are you?

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