Incoming Inventory

I love FedEx. Yesterday the FedEx man brought me lovely presents:
  • Another AbMat for my Gym
  • A 14# Dynamax Medicine Ball for my Gym
  • Barbell Clamps for my Gym
  • Push-up Bars, 2 sets - one for my home and one for my Gym
We have now stocked our Gym with:
  • Bumper Plates
  • Two sets of Barbell Clamps
  • One Olympic Barbell
  • One Women's Olympic Barbell
  • Two AbMats
  • One 14# Dynamax Medicine Ball
  • One 20# Dynamax Medicine Ball
  • One set of Gymnastics Rings
We will soon be adding:
  • One set of Squat Stands
  • An additional Women's Olympic Barbell
  • Possibly another set of Bumper Plates, or a portion thereof
And, fingers crossed:
  • One (if not two) Concept 2 Rowers
Our Gym is VERY good to us, because we are good to them. We don't disrupt the rest of the gym goers. Our gear is there for anyone to use, provided we don't need it. We don't poach on their specialty training programs.

We show up day after day with smiles on our faces and train hard.

It's good to be home.

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