NYRR 8000m - "race" report

On Saturday, I made my triumphant return to racing.

Sort of :)

The NYRR 8K was the first race of 2009 for me. In prior years, I'd have run 5-7 NYRR races by this point. Last year I had run 5 of the NYRR races as well as 2 50K by mid-March. But this year, the NYRR 8K would serve as the first race of the season. Of course, to call it a race would be an overstatement of massive proportions.

It was, in the simplest sense, a 4.97 mile conversation with a friend.

The weather was crisp and chill. The race, while sold out, was a very manageable size. The course was a simple almost 5 mile loop around Central Park (going in my favorite direction). I ran with no eye on the clock - turned my watch on as we crossed the starting mats, and didn't look at it again until crossing the finish line.

It was 1.5 minutes per mile slower than my norm for that distance. It was far slower than I'd hoped to be at this point in the year, slower still than most of my friends' times.

But it was light years faster than standing still.

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