Food Find, April 10th

Today's Food Find isn't actually a food. It's a feeling. From what I've been told, this feeling goes by the moniker of "Full".

Now, apparently we're really never supposed to make Full's acquaintance. Rather, the goal is to stop just short of meeting him, and hang out with his girlfriend "Satiated" instead. She must be pretty freakin' cool, because everyone that I know who's in with her doesn't even bother with Full.

Now me, I'm not terribly familiar with either Full or Satiated. I see them from time to time - we're kind of like those acquaintances you have whom you know, but would be hard pressed to give either a last name or an identifying feature if you had to fill out a missing person's report.

But "Stuffed omg I Need A Nap"? He and I are best buds. We go together like PB&J. Bonnie & Clyde. Tom & Jerry. Remember the Playskool doll "My Buddy"? That theme song seriously plays as the underscoring to our meals together.

Full and Satiated are my dates of choice when it comes to my day-to-day meals. But Stuffed omg I.N.A.N? He's my go-to guy for holiday meals (at least the ones that my mother cooks). I swear that I didn't even invite him over last night, but there he was in all his resplendant glory. He even brought me a bottle of kosher for Passover Cabernet. It was good. I drank it (all). And aside from a slightly numb nose (that's my "tell" when I'm drinking), it had no inebriatory effect on me. That's how tight Stuffed omg I.N.A.N and I are.

So today I'm going to spend time with Satiated and Full, tell a few stories and get to know each other better. Who knows? If things go well, they may even stick around for the weekend :)

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