If my head wasn't attached to my neck...

Cross your "T"s, dot your "I"s and remember to hit "Save Now" or "Publish Post". Once you've done that, DOUBLE CHECK that your smartly written, somewhat humorous and always pertinent blog article has indeed saved, and is scheduled to post the next day.

That's the lesson for today, as I seem to have learned the hard way.

It's a lesson that carries over to the real world as well (I know, I know - what is there but the internet really?)...but I digress.

Most of us operate on good intentions. Speaking for myself, I know that I certainly do. But sometimes it's the little careless errors that throw us off course (or in my case today, off schedule). Booking airfare for the wrong week (well, it was the week we went last year - sue me), putting the RSVP into your bag and forgetting to actually mail it, writing down the wrong start time for an audition - you name it, I've done it.

Over the years I've learned that the only way for me to stay on track is to double check everything, and then check again. Yes, it's tedious. But, it's better than having to either explain your transgressions to your friend who is getting married and wonders why you haven't RSVP'd, or paying the finance charge on your credit card.

I'm the same way with my training programs and schedules. I always check in the a.m., then again on my way out to the door, and a final check before I'm about to actually train or run. When you put a lot of time into programming, it really is no fun to realize that you did the entirely wrong workout that day.

Not a huge deal, mind you - but a royal pain in the ass :)

So I'm making a list and checking it twice.

Not to mention hitting SAVE NOW and then publishing this babbling ;)

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