The New Black

Chances are, you're missing out. I'm not sure on what, just that it's likely there's something interesting right underneath your nose - you only have to look for it.

And I'm not getting all philosophical or sappy on you either :) Really look around on your next trip anywhere - I'm sure that there's a restaurant you hadn't noticed, a new store, heck - even a person.

For the past few years, people have mentioned that they run in a local park. Just a short path, they said. String a few repetitions together to get some decent mileage, a nice local run. In all that time, I'd never made it out there to check it out.

On Monday, I took my dog there. And found TRAILS. Sure, they were short. But I followed the white blaze, the red blaze, the blue blaze...running through the woods with my dog, coming upon the odd runner and some deer. Making random turns, knowing that someone's backyard was never more than a short jog away.

It's not the same as tackling the Long Path, but it's the next best thing.

So open your eyes, look past the familiar, and find yourself the new black.

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