Auld Lang Synw

Last night, there was a (suspected) tornado about 20 miles away. Golf sized hail. In July.

In a freaky kind of way, the winter wonderland symbolism is particularly appropriate right now. The holiday season leads up to the new year, when slates are wiped clean and the year begins anew.

This weekend the 2009 CrossFit Games are being held in Aromas, CA. For the competitors it is the culmination of a year of preparation, if not more. Months of sweat, blood and more sweat. All coming to a head for two days of athletic war games.

While I'm not competing, my training partner is. So on a personal level the end of the Games heralds the beginning of a new training cycle for us, not to mention the harbinger of lots of exciting change (more on that in the future).

So as I look at pictures of a parking lot covered in icy hail, I'll heat up some hot cocoa and brush up on the lyrics to "Auld Lang Syne".

Here's to a very happy New Year :)

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