Food Find, July 12th

Move over Cheez Whiz. There's a new kid in town. May I introduce to you the "Batter Blaster" - organic pancake and waffle batter that you shoot out of a pressurize can.

We took this on our camping trip last weekend, and were pleasantly surprised. Perfectly acceptable pancakes! High on the fun factor (who doesn't like to use the spray nozzle), and a light, fresh taste (didn't taste canned, or fake). Short ingredient list, all organic and words I actually recognize.

So, while it may not be a "real" food - it's definitely real good.

Oooh, I'm envisioning an pressurized can meal - Batter Blaster Pancakes, some with Cheez Whiz (savory pancakes rock, btw) and the others smothered in Redi Whip, for more of a Belgian Waffle/Pancake experience....

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  1. I bought some of that on clearance at Sam's Club--three cans for $2.91! I'd had my eye on it for a while at ten bucks, so I bought 'em out. Kids were okay with it--just okay. For camping though, brilliant. I think that's the company's marketing niche. Hope they see your blog.


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