Hop To It

On Saturday, I ran the Women's Distance Festival 5K. - a local race that benefits the Rockland Family Sheleter. 3.1 miles around Rockland Lake, this race has a little of something for everyone. The morning begins with a kid's fun run, then moves on to the runner's race. Shortly thereafter, the walker's 5k gets underway. There is an enormous amount of spectator support - husbands and kids and dogs are everywhere you look :)

For me, this race is particularly momentous. On July 9th, 2005, I toed the start (takes place in the middle of a gravel parking lot) for my very first race. Ever. On that day I took the first step (no pun intended) toward a healthier future and opened myself up to a world of opportunities.

Whereas for that first race I had only just succeeded at running 3 continuous miles, this weekend I ran 15 miles the afternoon prior. But strangely enough the sense of accomplishment was just as strong. 3 miles or 30, there is something magical about testing your limits and discovering that you are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you're just starting out or have been running since learing how to tie your shoes, take a moment and congratulate yourself on a job well done. You deserve it. And tomorrow, push yourself a little bit. Change it up. If you're a speed demon, stop and smell the roses. Slow and steady? Sprint to the next street light. Run up a hill or stop and just take a walk around the block.

It may be as simple as Left, Right, Repeat but no one said you couldn't hop on one foot. Spice it up, keep it interesting and keep moving forward.

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  1. Congratulations on your first race anniversary! You are an inspriration to all of us non-runners out there!!!


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