Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

This week, I am officially half way thru my marathon training schedule. Aside from the one week I was ill (and the upcoming week I'll be away on vacation), I've been able to maintain my training and am feeling positive and enthused. Add to that what is proving to be a great new cycle in my lifting, and you have one happy little Diva :)

Today in particular should prove to be a pleasant day for me - it's a rest day from running, but will be a nice heavy day of lifting. What I am finding great about having both my runs and my lifts mapped out ahead of time is that I can devote everything I have to whatever task I'm attempting - I know that I can work hard this afternoon at the gym, and will keep in mind that I need to leave enough for tomorrow's 15-20 miler.

It's a balancing act, but one I'm starting to get a handle on. And while I know that by doing both I won't truly achieve my max potential with either - it's a compromise I'm willing to make.

Focus over Feat. I'll take it.

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