Road Trip

I'm going to jump to conclusions, and assume that most of you are currently following some sort of a training schedule. Whether it's a marathon training plan or the CF main site WOD programming, from one day to the next you have your training all mapped out.

Now, I want you to think of that schedule as a set of directions that you printed up from or GoogleMaps. You've decided where you want to go, and you've done your homework and come up with a route that will get you there.

As with any trip, there will be traffic jams. Detours. Potty breaks.

But if you follow the directions you will arrive at your destination.

You may not make great time. In fact, the trip could very well take you longer than expected. Just remember that shortcuts are rarely, if ever, shorter. Side streets are often congested or misleading and can ultimately derail your progress.

Stick with the route you've mapped out. See how it works. If in the end you're not satisfied, backtrack and examine - next time you can plan differently and you'll have a basis of comparison.

But until then, I suggest you pick your route and stick with it. You'll get there. Promise :)

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