100 Reasons I Run, #86

  • Who doesn't love a 6:30 am race start?

Actually, truth be told - early mornings are my least favorite part of running (or rather, training and racing). At one point I was as consistent as clockwork - up weekday mornings at 4 am and logging 10-12 miles before work. Saturdays and Sundays meant sleeping in until 6 am, and meeting my running partner at the Lake by 7 am.

These days, I'm lucky if I roll out of bed by 6:30 am during the week (barely enough time to shower and dress for work, much less get in a run). Weekend runs have been pushed to 8 am (much more humane, if you ask me) unless we're heading out for a 20+ miler.

As much as I loved getting all my runs done before work - the early mornings were taking quite a toll on my life. When you're getting up by 4 am (or 5), you're pretty much toast by 9 pm. And considering that I generally get home from work around 8, that didn't leave much time to just...be. Wake, run, work, sleep. Not particularly healthy.

So, the runs are less frequent. Generally in the evening. And a lot shorter.

Now, if that whole work thing didn't get in the way...just think of the distance I could cover mid-morning on a week day :)

A girl can dream, can't she?

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