Tuesday's Tip, September 8th

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it
." - Aristotle

And so the summer ends....


  1. Nice blog. What is your next race and does CrossFit help with your running performance?

  2. Thanks, Thomas!

    My actual goal race this year is the Steamtown Marathon, on October 11th. After that, I've got 50k and 6 hour races almost every weekend as training runs leading up to the Rocky Raccoon 50M race in February.

    As for CrossFit and running - that's still something I'm working on figuring out. I think that if I were a short distance racer - 5K and below - CrossFit would be immensely beneficial. However, as an endurance runner, I don't know that it has any real impact on my training. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it can actually be detrimental during race-specific training if you're not careful to budget your time and energy efficiently.

    In my opinion, it's virtually impossible to do both CrossFit and race specific training at maximal efforts together. There comes a point where you need to step back from one and give the other your full attention.

    All that being said, I think that CrossFit is the perfect addition to any training regime, in the right proportions. Since CrossFit by nature is non-specific, it allows for some great cross training and variety.

    Are you a runner or a CrossFitter (or both)?

  3. Scratch that :) I just clicked over to your blog and see that you're a runner. Hopefully I can build up to your level of ultra maddness within the next year or so....

    What've you got coming up?

  4. Ironic you should mention Rocky Raccoon because I will be running the 100M version this Feb. I have some unfinished business with this course. I had a sub 24 going until I dropped at 80 miles because of foot problems. It took awhile but I figured out what I didn’t do at RR compared to other more demanding races. Live and learn! It’s a fast course with minimal hills, lots of roots, and sandy surface. Let me know if you want some intel?
    Thanks for the feedback on cross-fit training. I’ve heard of a lot of runners using it but have never tried it myself. I usually cross train on a bike and incorporate weight training (low weight / high reps) into my demanding running schedule.
    Sounds like your close to a 100M race.


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