Umstead. 100 miles of cool.

Today is the day. I had it programmed in my calendar. Got an alert message at about 8 am. Umstead. At noon, on, registration for the Umstead 100 mile (and 50 mile) races opens up. Last year the online slots were filled in 19 minutes (if you're on a dial-up connection, I think you're screwed).


ALL the cool kids are doing it. ALL of them. Going to Umstead is like getting a limo with all your best friends for the senior prom.

Sadly, Umstead falls during a time of year when it's difficult for me to get out of work and leave town. Add to that the fact that from mid February to mid April I work 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week....the odds of being well trained for a 50 mile effort are slim to none (I keep trying to wean myself off of this sleep crutch, but it just isn't working!). Hmm, I could probably justify the time away from work for a 100M effort, but I can't do that until I tackle 50....

So with a heavy but joyous heart, I wish all the cool kids who comprise the in-crowd lots of luck! May your registration go through and your Umstead dreams be realized.

And make sure Meri stays AWAY from the canteloupe.

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