Food For Thought

Recently, a trainer I respect resigned his affiliation with CrossFit. His reasoning behind it is compelling (and colorful), and good reading. Regardless of your own personal feelings towards the CrossFit methodology, the current state of the CrossFit machine, or even your local affiliate -there is a lot of wisdom to be found within John's article explaining his resignation.

Why I Resigned my Affiliation with CrossFit

There is an inherent danger in growing too big too fast. This applies not only to business (as in the case of CrossFit), but to personal relationships and even your own training. In the pursuit of "more" or "better" we too often make compromises that, while seemingly beneficial, are ultimately detrimental to long lasting results. Fad diets, extreme workout plans, shoddy business plans and bad judgement with men/women - in the end, all you wind up with is lost time and a harder (longer) road to get to your goal.

There's a smarter way to eat, a great girl or guy waiting for you, and there are good affiliates out there - do your homework, be patient, be smart. Don't just train with someone because they are an affiliate, or they have their Level 1 cert. Shop for a coach as diligently as you'd shop for a car, a home, a spouse.

Quality always comes first.

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