Packing for Pennsylvania

On Sunday, I'll be running the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA.

I'm heading out tomorrow afternoon, and of course I have yet to pack :) Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing this evening!

My Packing List:

Essential Day-of-Race Gear
• Running sneakers - PACKED
• Socks (2 pair) - LAUNDRY
• Short sleeve shirt• Tank Top• Long Sleeved Shirt - prepared for all weather :) LAUNDRY
• Sports Bra and undies (of course) - LAUNDRY
• Gloves (disposable) - PACKED
• Hat or Visor, sunglasses - HAT PACKED
• Sweatshirt – disposable N/A
• Post-Race pants, shirt and comfy shoes - PACKED

• Power Bars
• Snack/Pre-race Items (e.g., Bagels, Muffins, Fruit, Luna Bars etc.) PACKED
• Sports Drinks and Bottled Water for hotel - PACKED

• Body Glide -PACKED
• Foot Powder - DON'T HAVE
• Toilet Paper (ah, the joys of the Porto-Potty)
• Band-aids -PACKED
• Plastic Bag for race bag (in case of rain) -
• Race Confirmation (to receive race number, if applicable) - PACKED
• Ibuprofen/Tylenol (USE SPARINGLY) -PACKED
• Safety Pins (a runner can never have enough) - PACKED
• Sweat-band for wrist (Garmin hurts after a while) - PACKED
• Analgesic Crèmes (e.g., Ben-gay, Tiger Balm, etc.)
• Garbage Bag (in case of cold or wet weather) - PACKED
• Sun-Block - N/A
• Rain Jacket (in case of freak rain storm) - N/A
• ID Tags (Runner ID for me, Luggage Tag for my bag) - RUNNER ID MIA, LUGGAGE TAG OK
• Emergency Contact numbers (place in Baggage and written on back of race bib)

Have I forgotten anything?? TOILETRIES :)


  1. I actually have two, a 205 and a 305. The 305 is missing :( I have the HR strap for it, but not the actual watch.

    I really need to organize my home...

  2. Have a great race tomorrow Staci! I can't wait to hear all about it! Running together (in different races) will be so much fun.

    I'm all packed up and ready to go in a bit here myself!



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