Setting the Table

What happens when just this once happens far too often

We all experienced Thanksgiving, with the turkey, starchy side dishes and decadent desserts.  If you were smart (or lucky), you escaped relatively unscathed - slightly stuffed, with your pumpkin tooth satiated.

I wish I could say that the above applies to me.  Alas, it does not.  My holiday started the week before, when we (my now DH and I) went to discuss our reception menu with the chef.  After speaking with her, we went to the Italian bakery to discuss the dessert menu.  Needless to say, we ate a preview of both :)  And since it's a party, the food choices we made were special, and nothing like what we'd normally eat.

Friday evening, I went for my bridal hair trial while my DH got a tattoo.  We were both out late, and in our local "go-to" town for restaurants and bars.   Since I was sporting a fabulous hairdo, we met friends for dinner and drinks.  Again, it was special.  I ordered Pad Thai, a dish I eat perhaps once every few years.

Saturday, I went for a tattoo.  I know I ate something silly, but it was so insignificant that I can't remember what it was (obviously not special).

Sunday we had dinner with a couple that was in town for the holidays, but would be unable to join us at our wedding celebration.  We went for sushi - this would be one of the closest to normal meals in this cycle of chow.  Normal in terms of quality, but abnormal quantity.

Monday was the quiet before the storm before my out of town family flew into New York and the actual festivities began.  Hold on, let me unbutton my pants...

Tuesday my littlest brother and his family flew in from Los Angeles, while my three grandparents flew in from Florida.  We all (along with my other brother and his family,  Aunts, Uncle, and their children) had dinner at my parents' house.  My mother cooks well.  I ate well.

Wednesday I went to my parents' house for dinner again.   Mom made filet.  It was good.

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  We all know how that goes.

Friday was my wedding.  Since it was a small, intimate family affair - I actually did eat.  Well.

Saturday we had dinner at my parents' house.  Have I mentioned that I rarely get to see my brother and his family?  And that he lives in Los Angeles, which is sadly lacking in quality Chinese food?

Sunday we went for brunch with my brothers and their families to a place in New Jersey that has the most enormous pancakes you've ever laid eyes on (Country Pancake House, Ridgewood NJ - I highly recommend).  When you finally get seated (the place is always packed), there is warm corn bread (both plain and chocolate chip) for you to enjoy as you peruse the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pancake, waffle, and french toast options.  I took half my breakfast home.  I still ate a lot.  My brother flew home, but as a wedding gift he left me his wife and infant daughter so I could spend more time with them this week.  I had one of my wedding dishes for dinner (they kindly sent me home with the 2 other dinner choices on the menu, as well as the other dessert).

Monday, I not only enjoyed the other wedding dish for lunch, but that night I went to my parents' house for dinner to spend time with my grandparents before they flew home to Florida. 

Last night (Tuesday) I went for dinner and drinks with my sisters-in-law.  It was the very first time I have ever gotten to spend time with either of them solo, and since my brother was kind enough to leave his family here with us, I'm going to take advantage!  Flashback to high school - my brother dropped us off, my dad picked us up at 1 am (I am a responsible drunk).

And it's not even close to over yet.  Read on...

We have our second wedding reception coming up this Saturday.  Our menu theme is "no napkin, no fork".  The bulk of the foods are comforting, upscale bar foods.  Dessert consists of 10 lbs of mini cannoli, 5 pounds of rainbow cookies and 5 pounds of assorted Italian mini pastries.

A special occasion.

And then, next Thursday, we leave for 10 days in Italy.  ITALY.

If you've taken a look at my training log lately you'll notice that along with the increase in food consumption there is a marked decrease in activity.  Lots of body weight exercise to keep me nimble, but nothing truly challenging or intense.

So here I sit on Wednesday morning, with two weeks of gluttony behind me and a weekend of indulgence ahead (I'm not even going to contemplate the 10 days in Italy yet). 

Obviously, things got out of hand.  Just this once, became virtually every day.  And what's worse, by indulging in everything, nothing was truly special.  But it's not too late, nor has all hope been lost :) 

It's my husband's (wow, does that feel weird!) birthday today.

I think we may be having a delicious roasted chicken for dinner, with a side of sauteed fresh broccoli, seasoned with garlic and olive oil

It will be special.


  1. It's happened to me plenty of times- oh just once and then there I sit weeks later wondering what the heck happened! :)

    But, will someone please eat a cannoli for me? Thanks in advance! I love cannoli and there is no good place to get them in Ohio. :( Boo!

    Have a lovely celebration on Saturday I will be thinking of you!

    Oh and Happy Birthday to your brand new DH!! :) Hope you have a great day!

  2. Heather - I would be happy to eat some cannoli for you :)

    Bill - yes, you're right. I will edit it to say that we "had matzoh ball soup and brisket, sitting at the couch".


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