Are there food combinations that gross you out?  Or, things that sound nasty but taste really good?

Growing up, we ate all sorts of things that apparently sound unpalatable to other people.  Things like cottage cheese and jelly, or a cream cheese and jelly sandwich.  Now,  I expect people to be disgusted by chopped liver, whitefish salad or lox (oh, yummy lox) - but it amazed me to find that cottage cheese and jelly was a foreign concept to people.  I mean, you can even buy it packaged that way!

Today's breakfast is another one of those concoctions that sounds bizarre, but actually tastes quite good.  I hesitate to call it a recipe, since it's really nothing more than a mixture of two ingredients that work well on their own:  Oatmeal and Eggs.

In the same bowl.

Incorporated within one another.

OK, stop gagging!  It's good, I promise!

I'm no food savant - this is a combination you'll find everywhere on the internet, from bodybuilding forums to dieter's recipe archives.  But just in case you don't want to do the legwork, I'll post it right here :)

Oatmeal and Egg Breakfast Custard
1/2 C dry oats (I use Old Fashioned Rolled Oats)
1 C water
1 egg OR 2+eggwhites OR 1/4 cup egg substitute
salt and sweetner to taste

Cooking Instructions:
Place oats and water in a high walled microwavable bowl, stir.  Cook for 4-5 minutes at 50% power (watch your oats, people. They get messy!).  emove from microwave and stir in egg until well blended.  Return mixture to microwave and cook for another minute, keeping an eye on the bowl to make sure it doesn't overflow.  Reheat if neccessary.  Salt and sweeten to taste.  This can be cooked stovetop as well, just add the eggs partway through the cooking process and continue to stir until done.

The trick is to incorporate the eggs while the oats are hot, and to continue to stir until the oats pretty much suck up all the egg liquid.  This way you don't wind up with scrambled eggs IN your oatmeal. 

If you do it correctly, the end result is reminiscent of custard.  Bonus - for about 220 calories you get a hearty breakfast with both carbohydrates and protein that can be adjusted for whatever food plan you're following.  For WWers, it's roughly a 2-4 point breakfast, depending on your egg choice.  Zoners will want to add additional protein and fat.  Primal and Paleolitic kids will just have to abstain :)

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