Tuesday's Tip, December 8th

"He who would travel happily must travel light." - Antione Saint-Exupery
I think my gym bag is larger and heavier than the backpack I'm taking to Italy.  Not that I'm actually packed yet (like I'd really be that organized), but our "luggage" consists of two black backpacks.  For 9 days. 

And no, I'm not packing any of my running gear :)


  1. Italy – I loved it there (Sardegna, Gaeta, Naples,…)! Are you sure no running stuff! Eating all that awesome food and drinking incredible wine sometimes will allure you to go for an indescribable run throughout the countryside.
    Make a memory and have a great time.

  2. We're doing the whirlwind off-season (aka rainy and cold) honeymoon version - Rome for 4 days, Florence for 2 and Venice for 3. Aside from the fact that there is barely enough time to see everything I would like to see (much less run), I'm planning on sticking close to the DH. He's not a runner, so running would mean leaving him solo :(

    Plenty of time for running in the beautiful wintry NE when I come home!


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