Traveling Light

Yes, I know - late post today.  I apologize :)  But I have a good excuse, I promise!  I've been busy wrapping some things up here at work, and now that I've accomplished that item on the To-DO list, I'm knee deep into the process of planning out our honeymoon (Italy, 9 full days, leaving this Thursday). 

I think this is stressing me out more than the wedding planning did :)

I know it will be a wonderful vacation, regardless.  It won't matter if we don't see everything, or if we don't take the most efficient route from one sight to the next.  But I like to be prepared. 

In the spirit of preparation, I'll be bringing along a list of travel friendly workouts* to do (hahahaha) in between bottles of wine, delectible pizzas and numerous gelatos.  CrossFit Queens was kind enough to list Eva T's compilation in an easily read (and printed) list.

I'll let you know what workouts, if any, I do :)

*to see the list of workouts, visit the CrossFit Queens website, and look to the list of pages along the right side of the page. 

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