Polar FS3C Heart Rate Monitor

If you know me, you know that I LOVE new toys :)

This is the Polar FS3C Heart Rate Monitor - very basic, reasonably priced, and incredibly simple to operate.  It has ONE button.  Just one.  And once you're working out, you don't even need to press it.  That's right - it will scroll through the different display screens like magic!  All you do is hold the wrist unit near your chest (where the HRM strap is) and voila!  It beeps and scrolls!  Love it!

No bells, no whistles.  No personalized workouts, no percentages, no nothing.  Just the time of day, the elapsed time exercised, and your heart rate.  And a back-light, of course, for those of us who hop on the treadmill before dawn and refuse to turn the light on.

I currently have mine set with a minimum heart rate of 130 and a maximum of 139 (my target zone for cardio workouts) and the wrist unit will beep at me if I am outside of those perimeters. 

Next on my wish list: the Polar WearLink+ Coded Transmitter and Belt Set.  It's a soft transmitter, rather than the enormous plastic T31 that came with my watch, or the T34 that came with my treadmill.  The only problem is that it costs almost as much as the heart rate monitor itself :) 

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