Rest for the Wicked

I've taken the past few days off from training due to a nasty chest cold, and I swear it's left me with the same feeling as a well planned taper.  I'm sitting at my desk right now, raring to go.  Sadly my lungs don't agree with me, as a few well timed hacking coughs have proven (thus cementing my decision to continue to rest until Wednesday's planned cardio and lifting).  But aside from that, I feel great - it's as though the past 3 days of rest were magical.  I lost a few pounds, my muscles seem more defined, and my desire to move has increased by leaps and bounds. 

Up until this point, I've barely been taking rest days, at least not full rest days.  Sure, there were days that I didn't run, or days that I didn't lift, but very rarely a day in which I did neither.  It doesn't matter that I know better, of course.  It's just always difficult to actually follow through and take the rest when it's needed - which more than likely led to this recent bout of whatever-the-f'k that hit me last week with a vengeance.

It only goes to show - you don't need to be a world class athlete to need a rest day.  Us normal people need them too. 

PS - us normal people also have to google the correct usage of "proven vs. proved".

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