It's that time of year for me when everything outside of the radius of my desk seems to vanish.  The days no longer have names. They all run together, punctuated by the few hours I spend at home.  Sleeping.

Everything I do seems to take forever.  For instance, it's now after 6 pm and I started to write this post sometime after noon.

I alternate between slap-happy giddiness and being the biggest biatch in the world.  The smallest things will set me off - I left the gym one day in a vile mood because the music was too loud.  In my defense, it's a stretch to even call such noise "music" :)

In the past month, I have eaten perhaps 5 meals with my husband.  Or at home, for that matter.

I have worked without a day off since Sunday, February 28th.  I will continue to do so until Thursday, April 15th.  

Oddly enough, I'm OK with all of this.  Once the initial shock of the schedule passes, the rhythm of ceaseless work takes over and you just flow with it.  I think it's similar to the start of an ultra, when you stand at the start withover 30 miles ahead of you.  Once you begin to move, and the miles begin to add up, the task ahead becomes less daunting and you simply accept your path.

Of course, ultras have much better aid stations than tax season.

Hmm, that's definitely something to consider for next year....

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