Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!


I've been switching over to measuring by weight as opposed to volume, particularly because I am the QUEEN of getting far more to fit into a spoon/cup than the laws of physics should allow. It's seriously impressive. I think it's a girl thing (like getting the rest of the dishes to fit into the dishwasher). It's a tough switch, because you just wind up getting so much LESS food. But really, who are you fooling by calling it a serving when it's really 1.5? Sure enough your body knows the difference. Why lie to yourself?

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  1. Omygod WHERE did you find that video? Love it.

    Ya know, the WW topic was portion control a few weeks ago, so I brought in a typical bakery muffin (Zaro's) -- I had everyone in the group, just on sight, estimate the points value and everyone agreed on about 12 pts. Well, it was 8oz, which made it TWENTY points. Crazy.

    Weigh your food, y'all!


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