Fib or Fact?

Another reason to limit your consumption of packaged (processed) foods:

I have to admit that I'm not terribly surprised, though.  Nothing is perfect, and I'm sure that the amounts differ from box to box, even within the same food item.   Even if it's not accurate, at least people are LOOKING at what they buy and eat.  And any time you make a conscious decision, you've made a winning choice.

I make it a point to take everything I read with a grain of salt - look at calorie counts and your daily allotment like a coloring book.  The lines are there for guidance, and it's your job to color within them.


  1. Honestly I thought some of those products didn't claim all the accurate calories and fat as they claimed. And to have an allowance 0f 20% error on the label? Your kidding me?! aND MY FAVE...350% MORE FAT? It's a good thing I don't rely on these things as much as I use to.

  2. For me, frozen meals serve two purposes: convenience and portion control. So for that matter, whether or not one is labelled light or not is irrelevant. Might as well opt for the full calorie version, truly appreciate it for what it is - a treat, and the oddity in your diet - and move on :)

    And now I want Salisbury Steak with Mac-n-Cheese :)


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