What Color are your Glasses?

Recently, I came across the following quote:
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." - John Lubbock
This quote was offered within the context of reading and comprehending a textbook, but I found it profoundly appropriate to life in general.  If you expect the worst of a situation, you will invariably find it.  In contrast, if you seek out positivity you can find it in abundance.  We can all choose to dwell in negativity or revel in happiness.  It's all about your point of view.

Glass full or glass half empty?

Personally, I've made the conscious decision to find the happy in everything, even the cruddiest of days.  And not surprisingly, it's worked.  Granted, there are days when it takes a bit longer to pull aside the curtains of  "meh", but the sun always finds a way to shine through.

So, if this can affect my view of the day's events, what else can point of view and expectations color?

How about sport and fitness?

You can take that same mind set and inquisitive outlook to your training.  Awful training days can serve as the most informative learning opportunities.  So rather than lament a crappy long run or a lackluster lifting session, sit down and reflect on what specifically it was that made the experience less than stellar.  Establish what didn't work and why.  Examine the factors leading up to the end result instead of that end result alone.

The process is the truly important part of training.  It teaches and informs us so that we can continue to grow within our chosen sport.  Without an introspective examination of the journey, the path will surely dead end. 


  1. Love this post! Thanks for reminding me to look on the bright side, even on those days when the road to the stage seems long and dark. I had a bad training day yesterday, and it really got me down. When I sat down to think about it, I realized that losing strength is just part of the end of prep ... which means I'm making progress. So I guess it turned out to be part of a GOOD thing that's happening. :)

  2. It's difficult, but I find that it is really helping me when I make a concerted effort to remain positive - no matter what the circumstances (it's definitley NOT a natural state of mind for me, lol). It's a bit high on the hippie-dippie-scale, but if it works, I'll deal with it :)


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