Love to Hate you

I'm currently embroiled in an "on again, off again" relationship with my alarm clock. At 5 am the radio turns on.  I promptly turn it off.  For 4 days in a row I have ignored the alarm clock's valiant attempts to draw me from my bed, to rouse me out of sleep and deposit me upon two legs.

Obviously, I set my alarm for a reason.   It's just that at 5 am I have an equally, if not better, reason to hit snooze.

I can tell myself that I need the sleep, or that the short run I had planned isn't really necessary.  I can justify the additional hour of sleep by saying that I need more than 5 hours a night, that at a particularly busy or stressful time in my life missing a day of training won't do any damage.

All of the above are true.  Simple, easy and true.

But the problem that I have isn't with choosing sleep over training.  It's that I am consistently breaking a non-verbal contract I make with myself each evening as I set the alarm.


Tomorrow my alarm will go off at 5 am.  And I will get out of bed.  I may not run.  I may not go to the gym.  But I will go downstairs, walk the dog, drink some coffee and bask in the early morning solitude with the personal satisfaction that comes from keeping a promise.

How well do you keep your promises?


  1. I have been wanting to get up early for the past three mornings for cardio, and all three mornings have been a bust! This NEVER would have happened eight years ago. I was always up early, but now I just can't seem to get enough sleep. Promises were ALWAYS kept, especially to myself..Now I am working on getting more sleep, so I can do that early morning cardio :)

  2. I've learned to purposely set my alarm for a time EARLIER than when I actually need to get up, so when I shut it off and "oversleep," I still have enough time to do cardio before work. Pretty sure that I won't be able to trick myself for much longer, though.


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