National Captain Obvious Day

Today (October 1st) is apparently National Clean Eating Day. Or  NCED.  It's already got an acronym.


I propose that we make tomorrow National "If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Please Be Sweet and Wipe the Seat" Day.

Or National "Brush Your Teeth" Day.

Or National "Say Excuse Me if you Burp" Day.



  1. How do you find out things like that! LOL! Amazing - there really does seem to be a day for everything, doesn't there?

  2. A friend posted it to their FB status, and I honestly thought that it had to be a joke! The person spearheading the "movement" is attempting to get a petition circulated with the intent to have it made an official, federal, day.

    Props to the woman for her enthusiasm, but I'm just flabbergasted :)


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