But, Butt and Butte

How's this for the pinnacle of asinine? Yesterday, I did my first full dead hang pull-up. Or 5 (ish) singles, rather. After the initial shock and awe wore off, it was replaced by a feeling of dissatisfaction. Why? Because I was using a neutral grip, rather than an overhand/underhand grip.


Here I am, 1 year and about 3 weeks after dipping my toes into the CrossFit Pool, two months after getting a kipping pull-up and less than a year from my Elements Graduation Anniversary and I get a DEAD HANG PULL-UP and I'm not happy??? Not only am I not happy, but I'm feeling foolish for being excited initially and telling everyone (anyone) who would listen.

Idiot, party of one, your table is ready.

Somehow, I feel that my inability to perform this movement under a different circumstance negates the accomplishment. Which (I think?) is dumb. Right? Is my neutral grip dead-hang less of a pull-up because I can't turn around and do one with an overhand grip?

I did a pull-up. But.


Did anyone else try to contradict my pull-up with a "but". Nope. Just me.


I wrote this last night, sitting in my office sometime long past my bed time. This morning, I jumped up onto the pull-up bar in my house, and did a dead hang pull-up with an underhanded grip. After some rest, I then did two dead hang pull-ups with a mixed grip. So, apparently, the skill and strength do transfer. And I feel much better about it all. But the question remains, why did I need to know that I could do a pull-up on a straight bar in order to feel that the accomplishment was real? I said it before, and I'll say it again: Butt-Head.


  1. Congrats on your first dead-hang!! Awesome! And sweet videos!

    That's awesome. I think in some way Crossfitters always try to turn their accomplishments into something less than they thing they would be. Maybe because we're so close for so long, then the day you get it you realize how much more you can do to make it harder, and then it seems less like you hit a goal and more like just another step in the journey.

    Either way- you're awesome, big step, BIG!!

    Nice work!


  2. Hey Butt-head, take a pill there pefectionist. There is nothing wrong with pursuing what you KNOW you can do. This is your second post about feeling accomplishment somehow...take a step back and look at yourself and then realize how far you've come...butt-head


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