Bringing out the Big Guns

Gillian Mounsey has entered the blog-0-sphere!  Check out her new blog here!

Look to her for a glimpse into the psyche of a truly gifted athlete.   In addition to being just plain blessed with natural athleticism, she's also immensely educated in the field of exercise physiology.  Her blog is sure to be a wealth of information when it comes to intelligent program design, injury prevention, balance, agility and bodyweight skills (muscle up, anyone?).  You'll also notice some crossovers between her blog and mine, as we will be following the same programming from this point forward.

That being the case, if you've got any questions regarding the articles or the training programs that she posts on her blog, feel free to comment about it here.  Her blog is not currently set up for comments, so until that changes consider this a satellite sounding board.

So show Gillian some link love, and check out what she's got to say :)

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